Peterborough and Lindsay Stories and Headlines: Beautiful Eels Creek in Apsley, walk in the woods, Quote of the day, never choose a Realtor by the price he quotes

Walking through the woods:  Nothing clears your mind like a walk in the woods. I took a quiet blissful walk this weekend in the woods. I seen some red squirrels, rabbit tracks but not much else for the first bit. Then I heard a gobble. I walked up to a ridge and could not get much closer but I saw 4 wild turkeys. I see turkeys in fields all the time but it was kind of cool to see them in the woods. They did not have any fear of me really. Maybe they knew I could not get past the ridge. I did get a few shots. (with a camera!)

Quote of the day:  What is not started today is never finished tomorrow.                         -Unknown

Never choose a Realtor on the price they say your house is worth:  The number on mistake homeowners make when choosing a Realtor to sell their home is picking who said your property is worth more then anyone else. They convince you this is the value but have no idea or plan how to get you this number. This is a huge mistake. Your only deciding factor on who you sh…

The full story and truth about the process of getting the Causeway No Trespassing bylaw and enforcement plan in place

James A. Gifford Causeway No Trespassing bylaw and enforcement plan approved!

So one day in August I decided to go for a kayak ride on Chemong Lake. The lake was like glass. I put the kayak in the truck and launched the kayak into the lake beside Sip and Dip Restaurant. I did not go very far before I was appalled at the sight I was seeing. As I paddled that peaceful morning I started to count worm containers along the causeway. I got about 3/4 the way down and stop counting at 40 containers because counting water bottles seemed like the next thing to do. By the time I reached the end of the causeway I seen many water bottles, more worm containers, food containers, cigarette packages and even what appeared to be a diaper. An adult diaper. EWWWW.

I sat in my kayak and stared at the mess. I thought of all the times I swam in this lake and the other children that swim and enjoy the lake today. I thought this sight is not my home, this is a scene of a back alleyway in Toronto or Detroit. N…

Peterborough and Lindsay Stories and Headlines: November Results in the Peterborough and Kawartha’s Real Estate Market, Quote of the Day, House sale prices could be opened up to the public:

November Results in the Peterborough and Kawartha’s Real Estate Market:

Inventory is still a story. Our inventory especially the listings priced $250,000 and lower in our market are extremely low. When this happens the low price listings are being driven up so the affordability is now not so attainable. That said the inventory in the higher range is stable so those prices are not getting driven up by multibale offers.

Inventory is down but so is the sales. Keeping in mind that since there is no lower end inventory there is sales lost to that. Over all the market is stable going into the winter months.
The lower end inventory will be a concern going into 2018. This can make it very difficult for first time buyers to enter the ownership of a property. This will be an ongoing problem into 2018 so if you own a house worth $250000 or under it would be a great time to list as you will get well above market value.

Quote of the Day:
Perseverance is a great element of success. If you knock long …

Peterborough and Lindsay Stories and Headlines:Ennismore/Bridgenorth Causeway Decision, I am back!

Ennismore/Bridgenorth Causeway Decision Coming This Week:

Chris Bradley, Director of Public Works is bringing a new report to council this week pertaining to the trash issue on the James A. Gifford Causeway that connects Bridgenorth and Ennismore over Chemong Lake. This trash issue has been on going for over 20 years. If Peterborough County Council accepts the report and its recommendations this issue will finally be solved!

To read the report click here: Gifford Causeway Litter Lawyer Letter Causeway Communication Strategy
The proposed report suggests that there would be no trespassing from start of guardrail to end of guardrail on the causeway. Fishing will still be allowed in the flat areas on the Ennismore side that is easily cleaned up and safe to walk. The only sticking point that I see in this report is the enforcement element of the by-law for council. Currently Peterborough County has no one to enforce its own bylaws. To solve this the County will have to hire staff or a securi…

Peterborough and Lindsay Stories and Headlines (vacation edition): Peterborough YMCA Announces! Unconditional Surrender Statue, Bayfront Sarasota

YMCA of Peterborough- The Balsillie Branch lap pool is closed until further notice as one of the main pipes feeding the pool has failed. The YMCA is working on the issue but will not be open until Wednesday at the soonest.

Unconditional Surrender- On August 14/1945 the Japanese surrendered to end WWII. In time square in New York a celebration ensured and a famous photo was taken by Alfred Eisentaedt that captured the joy of the people upon the end of the war. That photo was “The kissing sailor”. A kiss between a Nurse and a Sailor. Funny enough the Nurse was not a nurse, she was a dental assistant.
American Sculptor J. Steward Johnson created this sculpture and gave it to various Sarasota Count Veterans Organizations. It is not proudly displayed at the waterfront in Sarasota Florida.

Weather-Reports have it you have snow back at home. I am going to rub it in a little. It is 28c and sunny here. I have a few more shots of Sarasota to share with you!

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Peterborough and Lindsay Stories and Headlines: Ennismore and Bridgenorth’s Jame A Gifford Causeway litter issue, Free Public Skating, New OHIP program to be excited about

Garbage issue on the Jamas A Gifford Causeway: County staff are going to present their plan to Peterborough County Council shortly on their plan to fix the causeway issue. I suspect, and this is just speculation that staff will once again come back with a soft approach to this 20 year issue. Signs and education. One of the major issues on the table is the County has no staff or contracts with security services to enforce bylaws. Every county bylaw has no enforcement. County expects the townships to enforce the bylaws but the townships are not interested in adding the downloaded costs. We are so close to getting this issue solved. Again this has been going on for 20 years. I have taken this battle on with help from Deputy Mayor Sherry Senis and Councillor Gerry Herron. Together my hope is to come up with a solution but I may need your help. No one else on Selwyn Council has offered any help at all. Keep this issue at the forefront and talk to your councillor and let…